Happy Thanksgivukkah!

In honor of the newly minted holiday of “Thanksgivvukkah,” I give you…brussel sprout latkes!  Inspired by the latkes at My Name Is Yeh, I decided it was time to try some myself.  I had to make a few modifications to the recipe – instead of using only four egg whites, I found that it needed much more “glue” to hold it together, and ended up adding five entire eggs.  Additionally, I was making them gluten free for a friend, and I had to use almost three times the amount of flour the recipe called for.  Of course, I quadrupled the amount of garlic in the recipe.  Finally, I found that the batter just wouldn’t stay together, so I had to food process all of the ingredients together.  After all those modifications, they turned out pretty tasty!  This isn’t surprising, since if you fry almost anything, it will be delicious.  The balsamic sour cream really enhances the flavor, and swapping half of the sour cream for yogurt made it slightly healthier.  Unfortunately, my kitchen still smells like a greasy old diner.  Such is the cost of deliciously fried food!


4 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgivukkah!

    1. You could cut the sprouts off of the stalk and put them in a baggie. That’s what I did when we bough that huuuuge one at the Pumpkin Patch and they were so fresh they lasted several days never showed any signs of wilting.

  1. I wonder if you did that thing where you simmer a pot of water with some orange and lemon slices and a cinnamon stick it would get rid of the smell? I’ve been meaning to do that for the Holidays!

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