Mac Hack: Curry Macaroni & Cheese

Colin can follow a recipe and make a pretty decent meal. But he cannot take a look in the fridge and figure out something to make with those ingredients. So when I’m not around to cook, he either heads to the delicious Taco Shop (now located dangerously close to our house) or he grabs an emergency box of Kraft.

Yesterday evening, I was at a cafe for a grading marathon. This particular cafe has killer gourmet paninis. From 4-6 pm, they become HALF-OFF killer gourmet paninis. I gave in and bought one.

So I was really upset to come home an hour later and find that Colin had just made coconut curry macaroni and cheese, and that I was too full to eat it. Apparently , he found a list of mac hacks and decided to give this one a try. He used the can of extra thick coconut milk I bought from Trader Joe’s (to balance out the can of light coconut milk from Trader Joe’s, because they didn’t have any normal coconut milk). He topped it with Sriracha. It was crazy delicious.

You should also give it a try.

Edit: Colin was upset to learn that I had made this post without a picture, because I was lazy. Here is his curry mac.




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