Variations on a Theme

I realize that between all of us, we probably have, like, 200 different ways of preparing brussels sprouts. (Maybe we should have a series where we each submit our favorite?) Allow me to introduce a new one here.

The other week we were at Colin’s parents’ house for dinner. His dad said, “So you’ve been married a month now, eh? Here’s the traditional one month anniversary gift: a pomegranate.” He then handed me a pomegranate.

An aside: I cannot find anything on Google supporting the notion that the pomegranate is the traditional one month anniversary gift, so I’m pretty sure he was making that up.

So I’ve had a pomegranate sitting around for a week and a half now. Then yesterday, while searching for a new and interesting way to fix brussels sprouts, I happened upon this one involving pomegranate. Perfect.

But I decided to kick it up a notch. One of my favorite ways to fix brussels sprouts is with an apple cider reduction. I thought, if it works with apple, why not other fruit juices? So while the sprouts roasted with some red onion, I combined equal parts balsamic vinegar and pomegranate juice (leftover from a batch of grenadine) and simmered it about 20 minutes until it was reduced.

Brussels sprouts + onion + pomegranate seeds + walnut pieces + pomegranate-balsamic reduction =  MOUTH PARTY.



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