Food Traditions

Because Alvi and I will be spending all of the holidays by ourselves this year, I’ve been thinking a lot about traditions- traditions that we have, and traditions that I want to cultivate for our mini family. Since it’ll be the first time that we spend the holidays together AND without one of our families, it’ll be kind of sad, but also a good opportunity to start some new traditions between the two of us. I really like eating cinnamon rolls, and Hanukkah and Christmas seem like good excuses to make and eat cinnamon rolls together. Do you guys have any traditions, culinary or otherwise?

Our one major tradition that’s really sweet is that Alvi has always liked to celebrate monthly anniversaries, which seems even sillier now that we’ve been together for more than 6 years, and we’ve been married for almost a year. But it’s still sweet, so we usually do something special on the 23rd of every month, whether it’s just saying “happy twenty-third” or cooking something together or going out to eat. If we cook together on the 23rd, we usually make this deliciously bizarre three sauce lasagna. (Rachel has been lucky enough to try it since we made it one time we were home.) The three sauces are a red sauce (basic homemade tomato sauce), a green sauce (blanched huge bunch of swiss chard liquified in the blender with some garlic, basil, salt and a teaspoon of sugar to cut the acidity), and a white sauce (garlic sauce made by blending yogurt, lots of garlic, and a really small boiled potato). We layer veggies (spinach, eggplant, onions, carrots, zucchini, whatever we have around the house) between the layers with cheese. It’s best to put the green sauce on the bottom because there’s usually lots of it, and the “pre-cooked” raw noodles soak it up nicely, next the red sauce, and then the white sauce which crisps up nicely on top of the lasagna with your final layer of cheese. Added bonus- when you finish the lasagna, you’ve just eaten a crapload of swiss chard! I’m sure that a green sauce with spinach or kale or whatever else would be just as fine.

Here’s a terrible photo of the lasagna (not from the top, but from the side so you can see the sauce layers).


I should probably just not include any photos from now on. My camera has these terrible, unremovable mold spots caused from spending too much time in humid areas working on my field work for my thesis. Sorry guys!

Tell me about your lasagnas and food traditions! I want to steal/modify them! Also, what is everyone doing for Thanksgiving this year? Are you going to do a Friends Thanksgiving again? What kind of exciting food is everyone making? I’m hosting a potluck Thanksgiving on Saturday- I’m in charge of deviled eggs (duh) and green bean casseroles. I always miss the US this time of year, so tell me about all of the delicious TJs-inspired creations you’re going to be making!


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