Today was a lazy day. I had a four day work weekend, and they were busy days. Patrick went down to Salem this am for a fire test, so that meant I could sleep in all I wanted! Patrick is usually a get-out-of-bed nazi. If we aren’t out of bed and cleaning something within 5 minutes of waking, then the world is over. This usually ends with him physically dragging me out of bed. Needless to say, I have a lot of rug burn, and not the erotic kind.

Anyway, today consisted of laying on the couch till 1:30 watching trashy courtroom tv, making chocolate crinkles, and a nice easy dinner that was ready when Patrick got home so I could feel somewhat productive.

The menu:

Asian slaw (napa cabbage, carrots, Asian pears, and an Asian vinaigrette)
Butternut squash lasagna

The lasagna recipe is one of my fav recipes because it is a break from traditional lasagna, and it makes a single serving. I think I shared it with you all a long time ago via email. It’s delicious.


P.S. That cider pictured is delicious! I’ve never been able to like ciders, but the other night Patrick went to BTB and got a selection and turns out I like them if they are dry.


5 thoughts on “Lazy-agna

  1. Yum! Although not a TJs product, butternut squash is a #gringodelighttemptingmebacktotheUS

    Also, your asian salad looks delicious! The Asian vinaigrette + fruit combo reminded me of one of my FAVORITE salads with napa cabbage. It has mangoes, cabbage, peanuts, red pepper, and tons of herbs. I know mangoes aren’t as cheap in the US, but it’s worth splurging for this salad!


  2. A few things:

    1) Lazy-agna = incredible description of the meal.
    2) Those dishes! Amazing! I have been looking for single-serving bakable dishes.
    3) This looks amazing! Do you use cottage cheese or ricotta? I don’t love cottage cheese, but I bet it blends in nicely and just is a creamy addition.

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