Healthy Comfort Food

We here in California have been experiencing a cold spell.  And by cold spell, I mean it’s regularly been in the 40s and everybody is complaining viciously about it.  I know that’s nothing compared to the weather you’ve had in Washington lately, but it’s enough to drive everyone here to eat the warmest, most comforting foods we can find.  After two weeks of eating squash and various types of macaroni and cheese, I decided it was time to step up my game.  I turned to this recipe of a creamy mash of red lentils, topped with sauteed spinach and bok choy with a red wine dijon vinaigrette on top.  Paired with an easy 5-ingredient beer bread, it was filling, tasty, and satisfied my desire to feel healthy again!

To make the lentils, I just diced up half an onion, and let it boil with 2 cups of veggie broth and a cup of red lentils, as well as a dash of something I had laying around that calls itself “Turkish seasoning.”   Then, I sauteed the spinach and bok choy with some more thinly sliced onions, garlic, ginger, and a bit of the juice from a jar of pickled ginger. When the lentil mash is finished, it should be pretty creamy, with a bit of texture from the lentils.  I topped the lentils with the sauteed veggies , some pickled ginger, and a basic red wine vinaigrette.  I used the vinaigrette as a marinade for Dan’s chicken, and helped myself to extra slices of the beer bread while I shuddered in sheer anxiety while watching Season 2 of Homeland.  Even meat-loving Dan liked the lentils and veggies!


4 thoughts on “Healthy Comfort Food

  1. This sounds delicious, but red lentils are sadly #TJPTMIMOO 😦 Keep in mind for the next expensive Ecua-care pacakge. Finally, there is no space on this blog for the dissing of mac and cheese. Shame.

  2. what?!? are all lentils non-existent? Or just red ones? You’ll need to hide the mac from Alvi when you get your care package – it’s the spiral mac, which is the best one, but which obviously has a 1 box/person serving size.

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