Popcorn failures

I know we’ve mostly been posting delicious recipes here, but I’m sure we’ve all made something that just didn’t work out. In my case, this is most frequently due to some sort of uncalled for improvisation while baking. I recently saw a recipe for puppy chow popcorn, and was really excited! I like puppy chow, and it seemed like the perfect combination of a not too sweet dessert. Here’s the recipe, and their photo:


It looks delicious, right? Unfortunately, I improvised with peanut paste that I had made by grinding peanuts instead of peanut butter (error #1), and instead of uniform chocolate chips, which they don’t sell here (#TJPTMIMOO), I chopped up an extremely artesian, VERY dark chocolate bar that some cacao farmers had given me during my field work (error #2), and I used homemade powdered sugar (not ground as finely) (error #3). Basically, I had none of the exact ingredients for this except the popcorn kernels, yet I went for it. Total mistake! My “powdered sugar” melted right away, totally not coating any of the popcorn. My chocolate peanut sauce was also really thick, and didn’t spread out nicely. I actually had two ideas for the popcorn- the second one was going to be this caramel corn recipe. Of course, I didn’t have brown sugar or corn syrup (I used minimally processed panela and some white sugar), and I used the only baking soda that they sell here, which comes with baking powder mixed in as well. Oh, and because I was splitting my popcorn between two recipes, I just “guessed” with the quantity of ingredients. This was an even bigger disaster! Everything clumped up on one kernel of popcorn. I didn’t end up eating any of these creations.

Here are my attempts- on the left is my attempt at puppy chow (note that there is no evidence of any coating of powdered sugar), and on the right is my embarrassing caramel corn. I picked out the plain kernels with nothing on them and turned them into a salty treat, which is why there’s not a ton of popcorn in the photo.


I’m sure I can’t be the only one who blatantly ignores the rules of chemistry to disastrous results. Anyone else care to share their cooking failures?


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