Girl Meets Galette

Tonight I present a beet, caramelized onion, and goat cheese galette. Delicious! I haven’t made a galette before, so I looked for a little inspiration and found this delicious recipe:

The red wine is essential! I haven’t deglazed with red wine in a long time and forgot how delicious it is! I was eating the extra onions by the spoonful.

But nixed the feta for goat cheese (duh) and instead of any old crust I used my fav savory pastry crust:

1.25 cup flour
Couple cloves minced garlic
Fresh rosemary
8 T butter, cut
S & P

Combine in food processor until pea/sand like, then add cold water a T at a time, blending well after each addition.


I would say for the above crust recipe to just use 3 big beets and 2 big onions. Roll the dough thinner than you think, and don’t put too much overlap.




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