Cranberry Mustard Saves The Day!


A certain recently married lady introduced me to the wonder that is cranberry mustard, and I’ve been itching to make something yummy with it! (Mine just arrived on Saturday due to some strange postage issues, so I haven’t had to wait too long.) I saw a recipe for a honey mustard quinoa salad, and it seemed like a fun riff on something I make all the time. I decided to run with the cranberry mustard and see what could work!

For the dressing, I didn’t measure anything (does anyone these days?), but I included:

-large part cranberry mustard
-small part rice wine vinegar
-medium part honey (I would decrease it next time)
-tiny bit olive oil
-garlic salt, salt, pepper

For the salad, I tossed together:
-steamed green beans
-diced Fuji apple
-diced red onion
-slivered almonds
-dried pomegranates (from Turkey)
-crumbled feta on top

It turned out really sweet, which is why the feta seemed necessary for the top. I would decrease the honey in the honey mustard dressing for next time, too. But definitely delicious, and a lovely use of the cranberry mustard! Thanks, Bri!

PS: I need an opportunity to brag about my breakfast the other day.  It was a perfectly poached egg on top of half of an English muffin drizzled with hot sauce, and gently topped with white onion.  The other half boasted my Nanny’s famous pesto sauce.  The meal was finished with Greek yogurt mixed with my Papa’s homemade crabapple butter.  Add a brand-new mug that I won in a gift exchange filled with some fresh-ground coffee, and I have the bragging rights necessary to post this photo of my phenomenal breakfast!


PPS: Anyone else using their cranberry mustard in delicious ways?  Tell me!


5 thoughts on “Cranberry Mustard Saves The Day!

  1. That breakfast is beautiful. I was recently at a restaurant that served a PANKO-CRUSTED POACHED EGG on my salad. If I attempt a recreation, I will definitely blog about it.
    Glad the cranberry mustard was a success!

  2. how on earth would you get a panko crusted poached egg? maybe spray the poached egg with olive oil to make it stick? Dip it in an egg white or something? I bet you could do some spicy panko for added deliciousness…someone recreate this!!!

    2) I like that mug!
    3) Soft boiling or poaching an egg to then coat it in another egg, panko, and then fry it seems like a ton of work. I would definitely be trying to find this at a restaurant rather than try to recreate it at home.

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