Muffin tin food

Alvaro got me a muffin tin for the holidays, and since in our “new” (we will have lived here for a year in March, I guess it’s not that new) apartment we have a real, non-toaster oven, I have been going crazy with the muffin tin food! Most of the food is more appropriate for parties, but since I work from home and my only in-country co-worker is a dog, I’ve been “going crazy” and eating muffin tin food for normal, non-celebratory lunches.

My first muffin tin recipe were cinnamon roll muffins baked for Christmas Eve. They were delicious! I eschewed the icing given my previous icing issue (immediate melting), and the butter, cinnamon and sugar is more than enough to make them delicious.


Then, as part of our fondue New Years party, I made these muffin pan potatoes  that had me drooling over the muffin tin in the kitchen store before Alvi got it for me.  I bought whole milk and called it a decent heavy cream substitute. MAKE THESE POTATOES. I’ve already made them again for a friend’s brunch birthday party.


Then, Rachel knows that I’d been drooling over these muffin tin hash browns forever (apparently I’m craving potatoes), so I made some and ate 3 for lunch on Monday. Squeeze out all of the liquid carefully (I used a cheesecloth-like towel) and heavily pepper these guys. These would be much better party food than lunch food, but hey.


Then, today to (hopefully) wrap up my muffin tin obsession, I made these muffin tin tacos! (If/when I get another job, I’ll be bummed about losing my long lunches.) I used and a pizza cutter to cut out corn tortilla rounds, heated them up in the toaster oven on low heat (I’m sure a microwave would work) and then molded them in the tin and baked them for a bit in the oven sans other toppings to crisp them up and to avoid leaking. I seasoned black beans with taco seasoning spices, added diced peppers, onions, and some corn, and topped it all with cheese. They held their shapes perfectly! These would also be good party food! YOU GUYS SHOULD ALL HAVE A MUFFIN TIN FOOD PARTY (#TJwhateverthehashtagis)

I feel kind of like a child eating muffin tin food, but it’s delicious, fun, new, and good portion control for people who think that eating lots of hash browns is a bad idea (not me).

All of the photos included are from the websites linked with recipes- you should all check out the original recipes, plus my camera is out of commission for now.

6 thoughts on “Muffin tin food

    1. Those hash brown nests! Thanks for ruining my meal planning- I was going to eat white beans, and now I have to eat potatoes again!

    1. But breakfast is serious! Breakfast is (to paraphrase) a meal her husband (and all those who don’t eat while sleeping) has been waiting for, for many hours!

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