Double protein vegetarian non-paleo soup

I just made this soup for lunch and wanted to share it with you all. (Sorry, Sarah! I just love beans too much! But like Daria, I’m inspired and impressed by your commitment to paleo!) It’s a lentil soup, and while I like lentils a lot, I know others don’t. Even if you don’t like lentils- try this soup! The secret is really smooth, pureed chickpeas mixed in for a creamy base! Other than that, it’s pretty basic- diced carrots, onions, lentils, and lots of curry powder- I doubled the recipe’s suggestion. Leave the food processor on for a long time to get the chickpeas really smooth, or using a pre-made, smooth hummus would probably be delicious too! I garnished with cilantro and definitely didn’t regret it.


3 thoughts on “Double protein vegetarian non-paleo soup

    1. Your lentil soup was delicious Daria, but it reminded me why I don’t eat beans! Let’s just say that that wind on the mountain was probably because of me.

    2. Try pureeing the chickpeas- it was thick like it had coconut milk or something in it, but different flavor. Delicious! I should have added spinach or kale or something, but market day is Friday and I didn’t have any greens. I’ll try that next time! And yes, Sarah- I picked the soup for today because I didn’t have any social plans. Definitely a double whammy, and better not to be too social after eating the soup…

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