Warm Lentil and Potato Salad (mostly, just how to get more pickles in your diet)


I’ve been getting into potatoes a lot – why don’t I eat more potatoes?

To ensure appropriate potato consumption, I whipped up a (hideously unphotogenic) quick meal of warm lentil and potato salad. The dish was inspired by Smitten Kitchen, one of my all-time favorite food blogs!

Deb called for fingerling potatoes, and my fingerling potatoes were purple!  They were delicious, but definitely strange looking.  My lentils were not the “tiny dark green French lentilles de Puy or Italian lenticcie Castelluccio” that Deb instructed us to use in her recipe, they were just regular brown lentils.  I also skipped the capers.

I started by boiling the fingerling potatoes, and slicing them up.  While those were boiling, I cooked the lentils with a half shallot, bay leaf, and sprigs of thyme in the water, which added a lovely flavor.  One of my favorite things that Deb does is pickle any onion that she uses, and in this recipe, she calls for pickling the diced shallot with a bit of red wine vinegar.  You combine that with some olive oil, dijon mustard, and diced cornichons (which, as it turns out, are small pickled gherkins! I love pickles!), and a hint of salt and pepper.

It all comes together with the potatoes on the bottom, the lentils, and the dressing on top.  This was obviously just a big ploy to eat more pickles, and it worked!  YUM!  This could obviously be changed to be more paleo friendly by replacing the potatoes with meat, if you also want a vehicle for a pickly dressing.  Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Warm Lentil and Potato Salad (mostly, just how to get more pickles in your diet)

  1. extra fingerlings?! yeah, right! I will consume potatoes immediately if they’re in my house. however, I will be going out to purchase more to make that recipe immediately!

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