In Which Rachel Makes a Meal Devoid of Grains

I rarely make meals that don’t include grains.  I’m not the type of person who can pack a salad for lunch and have it be substantial enough to last me until the end of the school day.  While I tend to eat healthy, whole-grain meals, almost nothing I eat could be qualified as nearly remotely paleo-friendly.  So when I came across this recipe from the blog Love and Lemons, I was thrilled to find something without grains that looked substantial enough to tide me from one meal to my next snack (let’s be real – nothing tides me from one meal to the next).

Photo from Love and Lemons. She has a great blog, so be sure to check her out!

I think Sarah cooks with a lot of cauliflower “rice,” but this was a first for me!  I was surprised at how easy it was to create it.  I followed her recipe pretty closely, except I didn’t include the cinnamon in the dressing.  I’ve found that I really dislike cinnamon in savory meals, so I took it out.  I also didn’t have any dried orange peel, but I bet that would be delicious.  Toasting the nuts and roasting the chickpeas ahead of time is an easy way to make this meal quick and easy to put together when it’s time for dinner!  I bet you could take out the roasted chickpeas and sub it for a lean meat protein, if you’re not eating beans.  I topped it with Greek yogurt, as I do most of my salads, and it was really tasty!  Try it out!

In an unrelated note, I just signed up for a CSA, and I get to pick what I want in my weekly box!  I saw they had sunchokes as an option, so I will be receiving a pound of sunchokes on Wednesday!  I have an extra bunch of cauliflower, so I’ll be roasting the sunchokes with that using Brianna’s recipe, but if anyone else has sunchoke recipes, send them my way!  I’m also receiving asparagus, a bunch of kale, four blood oranges, and a bunch of rainbow carrots.  I’m taking recipe recommendations for any of it, so please send ideas my way!


3 thoughts on “In Which Rachel Makes a Meal Devoid of Grains

  1. I just tried cauliflower rice recently too! I used a baking method, but some of the cauliflower burned and got stuck to the pan while the rest came out perfect. The microwave method sounds simpler and less wasteful, so that’s what I’ll try next time.

    Have fun with the sunchokes! Beware, though: they are really high in inulin fiber, so I would suggest eating them on a night you don’t need to go anywhere public. The day I ate a ton of sunchokes a couple weeks ago had to be one of the fartiest days of my life.

  2. I just made this cauliflower recipe- super yum! I also skipped on the cinnamon, and had to sub toasted sunflower seeds for the hazlenuts and sundried tomatoes for the currants (same color?) Why did you top it with yogurt- did you not use the coconut sauce?

    1. I did use the coconut sauce, with full-fat coconut too (channeling my inner Brianna!). It was a bit dry the next day though, so adding yogurt helped!

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