#TJPTMIMOO: Bacon Cheddar


Om nom.


9 thoughts on “#TJPTMIMOO: Bacon Cheddar

  1. This might be the most successful #TJPTMIMOO ever. As in, I want to buy a flight home just to get this cheese.

      1. Well…I don’t like cheese on sandwiches…as for other scenarios, I don’t know! I think my feelings towards cheese are just very fickle. Does fickle even make sense there?

    1. Well, I haven’t been a vege/pescatarian for the past month and a half. It would be super difficult to eat as little carbohydrate as I currently am on a vegetarian diet, so I’ve incorporated some meat – primarily bacon. I’m hoping to phase meat out once I reach my weight goals. I maybe bought bacon once every few months before this.

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