Is Anyone Else Obsessed with Chia Seed Pudding?

Because I am. I’ve been making it with a half and half mixture of canned coconut milk and a thinner boxed coconut milk that TJ’s sells that’s more like soy milk in consistency. I add berries and cinnamon (and, okay, a little bit of sugar-free vanilla syrup). I am going to Mexico this weekend with a bunch of friends and am bringing two big jars of it. So if you need me in the next few days, you can find me eating creamy, delicious chia seed pudding on a beach in 80-degree weather.



2 thoughts on “Is Anyone Else Obsessed with Chia Seed Pudding?

  1. Yes! I found chia seeds here a few weeks ago and mixed up some panela (unrefined sugar) with some cocoa powder and milk to try to go for chocolate pudding, but I got a weird consistency issue- firm on top, milky on the bottom. I should try it with coconut milk! Maybe I didn’t let it firm up long enough? (about 3 hrs)

    Not that you really need a recipe, but here is another chia pudding inspiration (obviously to modify to your keto needs): and not sure if the oats and dried fruit would put you over your carb limit here, but the chia seeds were good with these too:

  2. I love chia! I’ve never made a pudding. Looks yummy. I like to put it in drinks, like limeade. I made a quick jam/sauce with them once, just mash fruit with the seeds and let sit.

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