Things I’ve Been Eating

Avocados. I love avocados. I think I could say they are my favorite food. No recipe, just thought you needed to know.

Pickled onions. Again, on everything! My toleration of onions has been growing. I still won’t eat them raw, or in big chunks. But if they are minced or sliced thin, caramelized, or pickled, I love them! Usually I had just been making my salad dressings in advanced and letting the thinly sliced or minced onions sit in them and pickle a bit in the vinegar or lemon juice. But now I have graduated to keeping a jar of the onions in my fridge for use as a condiment, or just plain! There are ton of recipes out there, but I was looking for a no thrills no fuss brine, especially not one with cinnamon or cloves, yuck. Now go make your own immediately!

Sweet and sour lentils. They are so good! I can’t get enough. The sauce is what makes it, and I’m sure all you paleo/ketos could just use the sauce with ground chicken or beef, or as a marinade. I did not use the nut butter because that didn’t sound good to me, I used agave instead of maple syrup, and half the soy sauce. The chili paste is not something to skip, and is another condiment that should always be in your fridge. Yum!


Cabbage! Mostly because I get one every 2 weeks in my organic grocery box. Except for yesterday, and I am actually kind of depressed. Lots of salads, like the one I mentioned in the taco post, and LOTS of cabbage soup (just carrots, onion, garlic, cabbage, and broth. And hot sauce. Usually with a side of bread or biscuits and a salad). But my favorite cabbage thing has been curtido. I made it for tacos (I eat a lot of tacos…), but it is something you can eat as a side or put on anything. I even put it on the sweet and sour lentils. The dried oregano is very important, it gives it a sweet floral flavor that is so delicious.

Chimichurri! Michelle’s post about Laylita’s blog got me browsing again, and I decided to make Patrick the CC marinaded chicken (the latest post) for work lunches/dinners. I used the leftover CC to marinade veggies for the grill (see veggies in the above pic). And for a special dinner for Patrick I made him this steak, which he loved! Everybody should look through the site, it has tons of delicious recipes, I am drooling!

Beets. They were literally piling up from my grocery box, so finally I ate them all within a very purple 2 week period. Probably not the best idea, if ya know what I mean. My favorite recipe was one I looked for after eating at Pambiche. The meals came with a small portion of ensalada de remolacha which was so good. I added a little more vinegar, you probably should too. One of my meals combined pretty much everything I just posted about all mixed together on lettuce, and it was delicious.

Well, I think that’s all the notable stuff. Hope something inspires you!


3 thoughts on “Things I’ve Been Eating

  1. After one of you guys mentioned pickled onions in a previous post, I’ve been keeping a jar of them in my fridge, too!
    Also, chimichurri is THE BEST. It’s fantastic on salmon, if you haven’t had it that way.
    I should eat more cabbage.

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