Sorry to do another post (and again without a recipe!), but I saw this earlier today, and realized that only you all could understand the joy that I feel knowing that our visa application is being considered, and that soon Alvaro and I will be in the land of TJs, and able to sample all of these products (TJ customers’ favorite products in 2013).


I’m confused about a few things- seriously, who is buying pre-packaged guac?  But some things, like goat cheese logs and that amazing looking kale and spinach yogurt dip, seem like no-brainers. I really love the caramelized onion cheese, and all of the spiced nuts. TJs, we’re coming for you (in 6 months to a year)!


One thought on “#TJPTMIMOO

  1. It breaks my heart a little that you’ve never had that kale and spinach dip. Also, they have this organic wine for $3.99 called Green Fin that is my new favorite beverage. Both the red and white are delicious.

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