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Peanut sauce tofu and broccoli rice bowl and other food musings


I’m not sure who around here is eating tofu these days, but this recipe (also the source of the beautiful photo) pretty much combines my love for peanut sauce with my interest in getting some protein in my diet. I’d never thought to bake the tofu with the peanut sauce already marinating on the tofu, but it was delicious! I’ve also been using my bamboo steamer to steam veggies (cauliflower, broccoli, potatoes, corn), so when I invited my pre-dinner cocktail buddy to stay for dinner (I already had the tofu marinating in the fridge but no ideas for other parts of the meal), the easiest thing was to steam up some broccoli and add everything to some brown rice.

Since I had the steamer out, I steamed some small potatoes and roasted them up with some garlic, rosemary and thyme and smashed them for eating later in the evening, a la this recipe. I highly recommend this method of roasting potatoes because they’re both crispy and soft at the same time, but definitely urge you all: don’t smash as much as you think you should. The potatoes will fall apart!

I haven’t really made anything all that impressive lately, but because it’s Passover, I’ve been eating lots of beans and corn products, (aka less pasta and pizza than usual) which reminds me of my favorite polenta recipe that I made a few days ago. A friend brought it to a party and I asked her for the recipe, and it’s my favorite way to eat polenta. You cook the polenta according to the instructions with a 3:1 ratio of water or broth and milk (the original recipe calls for cream- that’d be great for you, Nuna!), and then you add real corn kernels near the end of the polenta’s cooking time (frozen or fresh are fine). The polenta should have a “gruel-y” texture at the end (not the thicker texture that you cool and cut into squares). Add some grated cheese (parmesan and some other melty cheese work well) and a tiny bit of butter and basil leaves, and your polenta is delicious! Top it with many spoonfulls of tomato/basil salsa- chopped tomatoes, a tiny bit of garlic, and a generous amount of salt, olive oil, and basil. You guys, this polenta is my new comfort food!

What else are other people eating? On my list for this week is a kale caesar salad (sans croutons if I make it before Passover is over, and with a modified version of the dressing and no bacon…basically, using the above recipe just as a template), this lemongrass tofu bowl (don’t read the text to avoid frustration at apostrophe errors), and I want to try making this vegan chili mac and cheese once Passover is over! Cashews are expensive here, but when used to make a fake cheese sauce over pasta, it seems like it’ll be worth it!


Eggs. A Lot of Eggs.

Welp!  I think my food posts are probably only applicable to Michelle (and possibly Daria!), since Sarah and Brianna are eating pretty differently than I eat, but one thing we all seem to be eating is eggs!  And I eat a lot of eggs.  I recently discovered how to soft-boil an egg, and man!  Life-changing!  The fully cooked white combined with the creamy runniness of the inside is pretty much food nirvana.  I took a terrible photo of my soft-boiled egg yesterday that I’m forcing you all to look at.

My terrible cell phone photo of my poorly cracked soft-boiled egg. Everything about this is horrible, except HOW DELICIOUS IT WAS.

I’ve been using Beth from Budget Byte’s technique for soft-boiling eggs, and it works great for me!  I followed one commenter’s suggestion to add a quick splash of olive oil to the water, and it does make it easier to shell the egg, which is important since it’s pretty delicate on the outside.

Michelle convinced me to try making this white-bean mash, which I only prepared because of the promise of having full-fat milk on hand afterward for making my coffee even better than usual.  It turned out really tasty!  I had some extra lemony sauteed kale  leftover after I made it, and it was good even by itself the next day.  I modified the recipe by using whole milk instead of heavy cream, and I didn’t have any green onions on hand, but everything else I already had, which made it a great throw-together meal for a Thursday night.  Of course, topping it with the fried egg was the best part!

It’s hard to see, but this is a cheesey white bean mash with beans smushed together with some milk, cheddar and Parmesan cheese, and garlic. It’s topped with lemony sauteed kale and a fried egg! Some onions or shallots would also be tasty in this, as would a little rosemary!

I didn’t take a picture of it, but I also made this red lentil and spinach dish tonight, an it was SO GOOD!  Bri, are you eating protein like lentils?  You could use full-fat coconut milk to get the fats high up there!  You start by sauteeing onions, adding some garlic and ginger, and then a hint of coriander with some garam masala and cumin.  Then, you toss in some diced tomatoes, coconut milk and some water, and the red lentils.  You let it all simmer for a while, and then mix in some fresh spinach at the end.  I served it over some brown rice with a salad, and it was so delicious!

Photo from Feed Me Phoebe, at http://feedmephoebe.com/2014/02/red-lentil-recipe

In other news, you should all move out to SF!  Dan and I have been skiing most weekends (this is our home-away-from-home for the ski season, a sweetas ski lease in Truckee!), and generally been playing in the snow.

Our awesome ski lease!

This weekend, we stuck around the Bay Area and went road biking in Petaluma and  and Tomales Bay, which was incredibly beautiful.  I know we pay a lot to live in San Francisco (understatement of the century, perhaps), but living in a place where I can choose between great skiing or road-biking in 70-degree weather on the weekends is pretty awesome!

I get to marry this hunk!

What have you all been up to?

Weeknight Dinner, aka: Bacon for Vegetarians


My cell phone doesn’t take great photos of the food I cook in a dark apartment at dinner time (whose does?), but if a picture of bacon sizzling in a pan doesn’t make stop you in your tracks and check your freezer to see if you have any bacon stashed away in the back part next to the bag of frozen spinach you forgot you had, then I don’t know if you’re human.

I almost never cook bacon for myself; instead, I prefer to leave that endeavor to Thinker’s Cafe, a small breakfast joint down the hill that specializes in kickass breakfast burritos.  They have a vegetarian version, but I’ve never ordered it – I have an extreme weakness for bacon, eggs, cheese, green onions, and avocado wrapped in a gloriously grilled tortilla.  But back to bacon for dinner.  Dan and I have had a crazy week, and we haven’t cooked at home much this week.  I wanted something quick, relatively easy and healthy, and home-cooked for dinner tonight.  I had some kale I needed to use up, but was looking for something a bit more substantial.  Enter BACON!  I tossed the kale with a quick dressing made of the bacon grease (it sounds so gross to say that!) and some apple cider vinegar, and added some walnuts and dried cranberries to the bacon.  Super simple, but super delicious!


Since Dan would be horrified at the idea of kale for dinner (and frankly, so would I!), I threw together a quick orzo dish.  The secret to this one is to toast the orzo on a dry pan until it turns a golden brown and gives off a slightly nutty smell.  It makes it so rich and tasty!  I just mixed it with a can of garbanzo beans, some parsley and some red onions that I marinated in lemon juice  Toss all of that with a pat of butter as the pasta comes out of the pan, and you’ve got a tasty meal!